Tutsgallery.com is an inspirational website for all photography lovers. Whether you’re professional photographer, amateur, beginner or only enthusiast in photography, this could be a good choice for you. Tutsgallery is a website which provides regularly useful photographic articles and practical basis posts with appropriate photo and graphic illustrations.

Tutsgallery.com is registered on 16th July 2016. We have the team of regular article contributors who have many years of photography knowledge. All contributors have good passion and deep interested in photography. Our regular contributors are fully dedicated to contribute optimum useful articles.   

On our website we publish regular tutorials about photography, Camera, composition, post-processing, technical, equipments and much more. We briefly coverage some important National and International photographic news. Moreover, we also provide extra useful facts and funnies about photography.

One of the primary goals of Tutsgallery.com is to provide basic and intermediate level photographic tutorials.  You will find an inspiration and step-by-step tutorials on this website. We always try to make a better content of effective articles for those who are looking good articles to increase photographic knowledge and skills.

TutsGallery.com is also an official website of NEPAL PHOTOGALLERY (A photographic community group on fecebook) which has been running since 12th June 2012.

Be with us, learn with us, increase photographic knowledge, sharpen your photographic skill and enjoy photographing!

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Ruman Shrestha

Hello! Professionally I’m photographer, Photoshoper, Illustrator and graphic designer. I had taken photography training with Photojournalism in 1996. I’m self-learned Photoshoper and Illustrator. I'm fully freelancer. I love to learn new tools of Photoshop and Illustrator then create various kinds of artwork and vector graphics in my free time. On long days vacation, I would like to travel and trek high-altitude area to celebrate my leisure time. I’ve deep interest in Nature photography. Landscape and Wildlife are my favorite subjects. Moreover, I like also birding and bird’s photography. I'm general member of 'Bird Conservation Nepal' too. I am the founder of TutsGallery. I’ve founded this website to share my knowledge and experience to new generation in photography. I hope, you’ll like this. If you also like to contribute such kind of knowledge and experience, I request you, start from today and contact me. Let’s enjoy photographing!
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Purushottam Pokharel

Executive Member
Hi I am Purushottam Pokharel. I am an enthusiast wildlife photographer. Professionally I am self-employed in the tourism Industry. I have been involved in my photographic hobby since 2009, over the years I have collected numerous photographs of birds & mammals mainly from Nepal. I am a self-taught photographer. My other hobbies include cycling & driving, as a cyclist I have taken part in a couple of National Downhill championship races as well, in 2011 I managed to secure 6th position in the National Downhill Cycling race. For my driving hobby, I love to go on long drives whenever possible, speed is my thing while driving, like-wise I love to challenge myself by photographing flying bird’s insects etc... I feel honored and happy to share my photographic experiences on this site.
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